Welcome to Family-iD

Every family ends up somewhere, very few end up somewhere on purpose!

The “iD” stands for Intentional Direction. Family-iD helps families like yours uncover and put in writing your unique purpose and passion. This website is here to help you “live it out” and “pass it on”.

Video courtesy of Dr. Kim Kimberling

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How it Works

stir IT up

Attend a live workshop or get the small group DVD series

write IT down

Register to enter your families Vision, Mission and Values

pass IT on

Post important pictures and words for future generations!

live IT out

Enjoy the tools and resources for doing family on purpose!

The Workshop

The Family-iD workshop will provide a blend of instruction, fun, fellowship, and discovery time to help identify God’s purpose and value for your family.

Each family who invests the time it takes to attend the workshops or go through the video small group series will have successfully equipped themselves with a new multi-generations road map – we call it your Family-iD.

In the workshop or video series your family will learn to
  • stir IT up - discover God’s multi-generational purpose for your family
  • write IT down - capture your Family-iD, your family road map, in writing

This website is here to help you
  • live IT out – create and implement your core family values into daily living
  • pass IT on - set the foundation to see each successive generation of your family live more fully for God

Who is Family-iD for?

Originally it was for families with children. One parent or two can benefit greatly by having their vision, mission and values in writing.

Over the years we have had grandparents and single adults with no children attend. They have all been bless by having a purpose and plan in writing!


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